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23rd February 2018

Work 4 BLK1

Working for BLK1 Magazine

BLK1 is a international boutique magazine specilising in fashion and niche water sports from around the world.  In order to grow internationally, BLK1 is offering new journalists and photographers the opportunity to become official journalists/photographers for BLK1.

We are seeking and welcoming  journalists/photographers from all parts of the world. Already our international journalist/photographers have covered events such as: european fashion weeks, major world sporting events and local red carpet events to name a few. 

BLK1 organises media accrediation on behalf of our journalist and photography team. For major events, BLK1 will, organisation accreditation, marry up a journalist and photographer who will then liase with each other (either by email or in person at the event) to complete the article.

Becoming a BLK1 Fashion or Sports Journalist

All our journalist to work casually from home and at their own pace. In most cases our journalist will not need to attend the event they are covering and have plenty of time to complete their articles.  You simply advise our editor on your availablity each month and the amount of work you seek. 

BLK1 will arrange and pay for media event accreditation, provide a photographer (or obtain images from our world news syndicate provider) and provide you will all the necessary news support for the event you’re covering.  Our structure is ideal for both new journalist who may be studying journalism at university needing real experience and for experienced journalist.  BLK1 has paid and non-paid work available.  BLK1 provides up to 35% payment to journalists for published advertorials fees and offers commissions on referred sales for advertorials and advertisement. Journalist also are given many other media event promotional products and services from the events they cover. 

Our magazine is one of a few news organisations which offers a real live experiences for new and experienced journalist to cover major international and national events.  To apply to become a BLK1 journalist, click the link below.


Becoming a BLK1 Fashion or Sports Photographer

BLK1 offers experienced and less experienced photographers the opporunity to cover fashion and sporting events in their local area.  As a photographer, BLK1 will arrange  media accreditation, pay media fees and appoint a journalist to cover the event you are photographing.

The amount of tasks offered will depend on your location.  We offer fashion, general media and sport photography tasks from all around the world and encoarage local content from your own area. Most of the work does not provide any financial renemeration, however there are many benefits from promoting your craft through BLK1 including: access to major events to create paid photography leads, obtaining skills and experience for specific types of fashion and sporting events, access to BLK1 photography equipment and third party services. 


Other Job Opportunities

If you would like to gain experience in the following  job positions, BLK1 can provide you with real live practical experience irrespective of your location in the world. BLK1 business model is entirely structured for all staff members to complete their work from the Internet no matter where they are located around the world.

If you have skills in the following areas, complete the form below and we will provide you with a response to your inquiry. 

  • Senior and Junior Editors:  Editors will be responsible for a specific area E.g. country, state or sport/fashion category. Editors are paid on a percentage of sales for the category of journalist or terrritory they are responsible for.
  • Future publication strategic planner: A unique opporunity to plan BLK1 Magazine future articles. Once you are informed on the Brand of BLK1, you will be responsible to seek and research topics for journalists to cover for future articles. This includes overseas fashion weeks, world sporting events etc. You will then create monthly topics for journalist and photographers to cover.
  • Director of Photography: This tasks involves obtaining the right images through our international news syndicate image provider or through our worldwide photographer network.  You will be responsible for selection of images and insertion of images into articles. You will be responsible for determining what images fit the BLK1 brand.
  • Photo Retouches: This is an opportunity for new retouches to be given images from some of the top fashion and sports photographers to retouch.  Retouches will be given the opportunity to retouch images for TV productions.
  • Sales Representatives: BLK1 offers a percentage of sales commission to our sales representatives. You will be able to offer advertisement space, advertorials, product placement, selling other TV network products to a local and international customer base.
  • Camera Man: Offered to someone in the Sydney – Australia area to complete camera man tasks for BLK1 TV productions which include Fashion TV and Platinum TV.
  • Video Editor: Offered to someone in the Sydney – Australia area to complete camera man tasks for BLK1 TV productions which include Fashion TV and Platinum TV.

If you would love to be involved with BLK1, then this is a great opporunity to be involved at the start up level. You will gain a large amount of experience and international exposer. Simply complete the form below and we will respond back within three business days. We welcome new and experienced people. Paid renumeration will be offered as the magazine grows.