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23rd February 2018

Write for Us

Do you have the writing skills for BLK1 Magazine?

BLK1 is looking for writers from all around the world to provide news articles and stories relating to BLK1 Magazine. If you can write local, state, national or international sporting events related to BLK1 (e.g. swimming, triathlon, diving, waterpolo) or you have a desire to write for fashion articles relating to hi-fashion, celebrity news or fashion items, then BLK1 is the news agency for you.  We offer the opportunity to studying students of journalisum or experienced journalist to write for BLK1 both paid and non-paid work at their own pace on topics they are interested in. BLK1 arranges media accreditation, payment of media fees and the appointing of a photographer (or obtaining of images from the event organisors or from our international news syndicate provider) for the articles you write.   BLK1 pays monthly for journalist to write advertorials (up to 35% of fees payable) or to refer advertisement leads for BLK1 advertorials/advertisement. 

What is BLK1 all about?

BLK1 is an online magazine which covers hi-fashion and specific sports from around the world. To learn more about BLK1, download our BLK1 Advertisement brochure for more information.

> Click here to download BLK1 Advertisement Brochure

What articles will BLK1 cover?

The type of news or story articles are we will consider publishing are:

– Sporting events related to BLK1 including: swimming, triathlon, diving, waterpolo, synchronise swimming, surf life saving, ocean swims or any sport related to BLK1. Example topics include:

     – Results of sporting events,
     – Up coming sporting events,
     – Sports news,
     – National and international celebrity sports men and women profiles, and
     – Interesting current sporting news articles or stories.

 – Fashion stories including: fashion weeks, fashion events, swimwear brands, hi-fashion brands, celebrity news, fashion accessories, opulent expensive items of interest or any interesting fashion story that relates to BLK1.

What do I need to do to apply?

Simply click on the link below and complete the online form for consideration as a BLK1 Journalist.

You can download the entire .mpg movie at once by clicking the link below
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