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25th July 2017

New Hair Extensions Store hits Bondi Beach – Sydney

Hair Extensions Worldwide - Bondi Beach - SydneyEver wanted hair extensions in a hurry for that special occasion and could never find an actual hair extension shop in Sydney, we’ll you love a the new hair extension store in Bondi Beach, Sydney which has over 900+ hair extension products. Hair Extensions Worldwide founder, Mr Peter Sollner found that there was no real place were both retail customers¬† and salons could visit to see the actual product and colour match hair extensions at the same time.¬† Mr. Sollner said “Most hair extension companies sell online, however it’s hard to see the actual colour of the hair as hair colour reflects light extremely well and is hard to photograph. That’s why we wanted to ensure hair extension customers can actually come into our showroom and colour match directly to their hair”.

Hair extensions are prominently sold through Salons or online, however Hair Extensions Worldwide is changing these common channels and aims to sell many different brands to suit customer tastes.¬† “Most sellers both salons and online store only offer one brand, we’re the only company were customers have the choice of selecting from various qualities and types. Our aim is to become a supermarket

of hair extensions for both Sydney and around the world”.

You can contact Hair Extensions either by SMS/Calling 0414 698 441 or visting their website . You can make an appointment to visit their showroom by SMS/Calling 0414 698 441 Monday to Sunday between 10am – 8pm.

Hair Extensions Worldwide is located at:

271 Old South Head Road

Bondi Beach NSW 2026

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