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16th December 2017

About BLK1

About Us

BLK1 is a small growing online international Sports & Fashion magazine specialising in publishing: FINA sports (E.g. Swimming, diving, triathlon, water polo, synchronised swimming, ocean swims), various hi-class sports and hi-fashion news from around the world. BLK1 can be translated into 34 different languages from around the world including: english, french, spanish, german, japanese, most european countries and other unique languages. BLK1 originates in Sydney Australia covering local Sydney news and Australian/international sports and fashion news.  The magazine is slowly aquiring international correspondence (journalist/photographers) to cover more local and national news in thoses regions.  The magazines aim is to publish interesting,  hi-quality, fashionable imagery for both Sports and Fashion events covered. Were possible, the aim is to tell the story from imagery, covering the event from pre-start to post finish, providing imagery from various angles and artistic styles.

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