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Behind the Scenes of a BLK1 Swimsuit photo shoot.

International swimsuit photographer

Behind the scenes of a Swimwear photograph shoot.


Behind the scenes

Many of our swimwear photo shoots can vary from simple one day planned shoots to large scale major swimsuit video and still photography productions involving a large production crew on the day. Our major swimwear photo shoots can take months of pre-planning and post production work with many people working during and behind the scenes.


behind the scenes swimwear photo shoot

Major Production - BLK1 Fashion TV Production 2007

Our most recent major photo and film production was the BLK1 Fashion TV Production 2007 conducted in Newcastle, Australia. The production consisted of two local models from Newcastle Australia with a production crew of 20 people. Major international and national sponsors included: Canon, Versace, Burton Snowboard gear, Puma, Bertoni Sunglasses, Provocator Jeans, Maserati to name a few. The film clip can be seen on the cable TV channel, Fashion TV which reaches to 354 million housesholds in 150 countries. Fashion TV also airs in millions of nigt clubs, pubs, airports and other hot spots around the world.


Fashion TV Photographers Section. BLK1 Swimsuit photo and video production 2007. Black Vesper and Fashion TV logo. Newcastle Town Hall Newcastle Australia.

Jodi applying makeup to Brooke Cross on the day of Fashion TV Production - Photographers Section.

Keeping Swimsuit models cool in between photos.


On the Balcony of Newcastle Town Hall Newcastle Australia. Model wearing silver one-piece bathing suit and red officers mess jacket

Apprentice swimsuit model gets photo taken with Fashion TV model - Brooke Cross.

Jeans from Fashion TV video clip. Click on image here to purchase Jeans online. International shipping to most countries.


Gray card for camera white balancing photos correctly. Swimwear model holding photographers gray card.

Swimwear model Brooke Cross in scuba gear and black one-piece swimsuit from Ujena swimwear. Laughing and joking around on photo shoot location.

Practice Photo Equipment shoot a day before the first BLK1 Photo Shoot. Photo taken by Peter Sollner of Watt St Newcastle NSW Australia. Larger image can be purchased. Email:


Behind the cameras of a Fashion TV production. Swimwear model stands up on Vesper scooter.

Photographers Assistant. Actually was a equipment test shoot for lead up to second photo shoot.

The back alley way is the scene of Fashion TV model on Black Vesper Scooter. Town Hall Newcastle Australia.


Yes Brooke can smile.

All the Fashion TV hair and makeup crew having a hard day working.

Accidential photo taken of Fashion TV model during swimwear photo shoot.


Fashion TV model Brooke C can sell anything including her can of soft drink in between scenes.  Too much viewing of the TV show 'The Price is right." Very easy model to work with.

Most of the Fashion TV crew for the first scene featuring the Maserati sports car and model in hi-fashion one-piece swimsuit.


Fashion TV Swimsuit film production, scene 3. Waredrobe and crew.

The day prior to BLK1 Fashion TV shoot with Brooke Cross. Pre-hair and beauty treatments.


Fashion TV cameraman, David Smart modeling for the camera.

Final minutes before video and photo production commences. Final attention to detail.


swimwear modelling photographs for Fashion TV film clip


Other BLK1 swimsuit model photo shoots

BLK1 completes many small swimsuit model photo shoots during the year for both BLK1 Swimsuit Magazine and for other national and international clients. Swimsuit model photo shoots can be as small as a makeup artist and photographer only completing a half day photo shoot.


Final makeup touches being completed on Candice Manning before starting swimsuit photograph shoot

Jannie in Baywatch swimsuit. Retouch of makeup.

Small apprentice swimsuit model poses with Candice Manning on location at Nobbys Beach Newcastle Australia.


bathing suit models. Photos of Fashion TV production 2007. Swimwear photographer and crew.




Fashion TV Model Vesper Scooter - Fashion TV Production.

swimwear photo shoot images


Watch Fashion TV Swimsuit Model video clip now. BLK1 Swimwear photo shoot. Clip 1 of 2 for 2007

Click on above swimsuit model video clip image to watch Fashion TV video - Clip One.

Photos from a swimsuit photo shoot


Read more about and the photographer from the media articles below.

BLK1 Swimsuit model newspaper articel - Newcastle Morning Herald. Fashion TV  Production

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behind the scenes of a fashion tv photo shoot

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As seen on BLK1 Fashion TV video clip 1.

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About how a swimsuit photo shoot is done.


Click the image below to read more about our swimsuit photographers.

Click here to read more about our swimsuit photographers

photographs of swimsuit models and swimsuit photographers

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